Pip & Pear chilling in a Tesco near you

Pip & Pear now stocks a wide selection of organic, nutritious chilled baby food on the shelves of Tesco stores throughout Ireland

A wholesome and varied collection of Pip & Pear guilt-free healthy organic baby food is now available in 112 Tesco stores nationwide


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22 June 2018

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Irish made, home-grown chilled baby food, Pip & Pear, has gone nationwide and is now available in 112 Tesco stores across Ireland as well as online through Tesco.ie.

Beef ragu flavoured Pip&Pear baby food

Beef ragu flavoured Pip & Pear baby food

Tesco’s enthusiasm and support for a quality Irish brand such as Pip & Pear, that prioritises working with organic, nutritious and Bord Bia-approved produce, made it a perfect fit for the brand’s nationwide launch.

An Irish-made alternative to homemade meals for parents, Pip & Pear’s natural, guilt-free offering is gently cooked using Bord Bia-approved meat and poultry, organic fruit and vegetables. With no added salt, sugar or additives, dishes include ingredients such as coconut milk, apricots, butternut squash, ginger, cumin and lentils.

Products range from €1.89 to €2.99 across the four stages from baby to toddler. The textures of each stage are age appropriate and help with the development of a normal palate, fine motor skills, aiding speech and language development.

All products are also gluten, egg and soya free, while Pip & Pear says it is committed to manufacturing sustainably with pots fully recyclable, re-usable and BPA free making them ideal for parents to use for their own batch cooking.

Pip & Pear Chilled Baby Food offers quality nutritional options in a convenient size, and helps ease the transition to a broad range of solid foods.



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