Out-spoken Aldi boss quits

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Paul Foley's departure from Aldi after 20 years has caused speculation that the ending was not amicable



10 September 2009

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Managing director of Aldi UK and Ireland, Paul Foley parted from the German company last month after 20 years of service. His departure followed the widely publicised dip in sales the discounter experienced thanks to the aggressive response by the UK’s major multiples to its rapid growth.

Sales growth in the UK slumped to just 8.3% in the 12 weeks to 12 July; in the Republic of Ireland discounters Aldi and Lidl "continue to grow at 15.8%" (period to 14 June, TNS Worldpanel).

Although the company released a statement saying Foley’s exit was by "mutual" decision, it is thought his leaving was sudden and without alternative plans for another position.

UK commentators are speculating that Foley’s open, media-friendly style was disliked by German HQ. The company stated Foley is "widely credited as challenging and changing traditional market perceptions to establish Aldi as a leading brand offering high quality and best value products."



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