October Bar Sales volumes/values down

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Retail sales volumes were up 0.1 per cent in October over September according to CSO preliminary estimates, but sales volumes in bars were down 3.0 per cent in October when set against September while values were down 3.2 per cent.



6 December 2011

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Sales volumes in bars showed a 10.3 per cent drop when compared to October 2010 with an accompanying drop of 10.4 per cent in sales values.

Final figures for September indicate that compared to the previous month, August, bar sales volumes were up 0.3 per cent and values were up 0.4 per cent. Over the year, however, bar sales volumes were 5.9 per cent down on September 2010 while values were 6.0 per cent down.

Comparing the three-month period August to October with the preceding period – May to July – sales volumes in Bars were down 3.8 per cent while values were down 3.9 per cent. When compared to the same three month period in 2010, sales volumes in bars were down 7.8 per cent when compared to the August to October  period in 2010 while values were down 7.9 per cent.



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