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NOffLA outlines the details of two insurance schemes available for its members, provided by Alan Tierney and Partners



15 May 2012

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As NOffLA members continue to review their cost base, they would be well-advised to consider the two insurance schemes introduced exclusively for members of the association. These have been provided by Alan Tierney and Partners and include a personal accident insurance scheme and a commercial legal expenses scheme.

The Personal Accident Policy offers twenty-four hour worldwide cover for 365 days a year for NOFFLA members and their employees suffering a loss due to a personal accident. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Choice of Gold Cover offering high levels of cover and Silver Cover offering a less expensive package
  • Generous lump sum pay outs for Accidental Death and Permanent Disabling Injuries
  • Generous weekly payments made for Temporary Total Disabling Injuries and for Hospital Confinement
  • Additional EUR*50,000 payable when Accidental Death or Permanent Disabling Injuries occur as a result of robbery, hold-up or attempt thereat or unprovoked malicious assault.
  • An additional benefit of EUR*1,000 is payable for permanent scarring.
  • Further Group discounts of up to 20%

The Commercial Legal Protection Policy provides legal advice and representation for many of the commercial legal disputes in which members may become involved. The principal aspect of this cover includes:

Employment Disputes & Financial Compensation Awards 

  • Legal Defence
  • Statutory Licence Protection
  • Property Protection
  • Bodily Injury
  • Tax Protection
  • Commercial Legal Advice
  • Business Assistance
  • Counselling 

Further details of the benefits of both these schemes have been circulated to NOffLA members. Cover can be arranged by contacting Alan Tierney and Partners by phone (01- 4783055), by fax (01-4780220), or by email at



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