No more yearly visits from NERA

The National Employment Rights Agency (NERA) has said that future store visits will follow a “red flag” schemat, following complaints by the CSNA



14 February 2011

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Following our complaints to the National Employment Rights Agency (NERA) regarding the incomplete recording of statistics published by them in their quarterly and annual reviews, we are pleased to note that they have committed to change its presentations commencing with the 2010 Annual Review.

They have also informed us that in future, visitations will follow a “red flag” schemat, with employers being visited as a result of a risk assessment based upon complaints and cross-referencing by other State and Regulatory Authorities (Revenue, Social Welfare, Gardaí Alias Office etc).

Any visit by NERA can involve several hours of assembling details and being present during the inspection; it is to be welcomed that compliant employers will not expect yearly visits from this agency.

Part of the commitment by all parties to the Code Of Practice for the Press Industry (COPPI) is to improve efficiencies in delivery and returns of newspapers and magazines. We have been requested by the Department of the Environment to provide them with any evidence of Urban district Councils and other Local Authorities refusing to allow for the provision of security bins outside retailers premises.  CSNA will be happy to make representations for any retailers that have “fallen foul” of local planning offices in this regard.  Contact our offices please.



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