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Magazines Ireland formally launched the new Code of Practice for the Press Industry (COPPI) on 1 September



10 September 2009

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On 1 September the new Code of Practice for the Press Industry (COPPI) was officially launched. The “historic” document is the culmination of two years of negotiations between 10 industry organisations. Among the groups on the Joint Industry Committee (JIC) are trade groups CSNA, RGDATA, and NFRN, as well as EM News Distribution, Newspread and Regional Newspapers. The final draft agreed by the 10 has set down a code of practice to govern the distribution of newspapers and magazines, including new environmental standards, to ensure less waste and greater efficiency in the press supply chain.

The aim of JIC, according to the official document released last month, is to create a more cohesive relationship between publishers, wholesalers and retailers. It stated that: “Wholesalers and publishers recognise the right and entitlement of retailers to decide what products they will stock in their outlets…the wholesaler, with input from publishers, will work in partnership with retailers to fulfill retailers’ orders, so that sales are optimised and waste is minimised.”

Provisions under the new code include: that changes to a wholesaler’s terms, including carriage/service charges, must be communicated to retailers in writing with no less than four weeks’ notice; in the event that a retailer’s order cannot be met, the retailer will be provided with an explanation when requested; and wholesalers will deliver all titles to retailers, including appropriate sections and supplements, in time for the day of sale, ideally before the start of business.

The code also stipulates that, for unsold magazine titles, agreed credit must appear on the next possible summary invoice/credit note, within a maximum of 17 days of receipt of the claim. Retailers received a copy of the COPPI on 25 August with their deliveries.



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