New poultry traceability system

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UCD’s Bioresources Research Centre thinks printing miniature barcodes onto the legs and beaks of chickens has good potential


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8 July 2009

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Researchers at UCD’s Bioresources Research Centre are developing novel and innovative ways of tracking and tracing poultry.

The Avian Biotrack project has demonstrated “promising results,” according to Teagasc, regarding the potential use of printing miniature barcodes onto the legs and beaks of chickens, and the profile of the avian comb as a biometric biomarker for hens. The scientists are also currently testing a tamper-proof sampling and tagging system for poultry feed.

The Avian Biotrack project aims to identify and develop versatile and easily implemented biomarkers that will provide accurate and reliable information about a bird throughout its life and beyond. The beneficiaries of this research will be latter and downstream food processing industries, which need to be able to certify the provenance, transport, storage and processing history of poultry and poultry products.

Unlike larger animals, there is no tamper-proof system in place currently that tags individual chickens, so that it is not possible to fully assure the origin of poultry presented to a processing plant.



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