New look and design for Sangre de Toro

Sangre de Toro was created in 1954 by Miguel Torres Carbó

Bodegas Torres general manager Miguel Torres Maczassek says wine revamp is a tribute to his grandfather



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12 March 2015

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Bodegas Torres, Ireland’s favourite Spanish wine brand (Source: Nielsen) has returned to its roots by introducing a new look and design for its classic Sangre de Toro red wine, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.

Sangre de Toro was created in 1954 by Miguel Torres Carbó, part of the third generation to head Bodegas Torres, who explored the vineyards in the early 1950s in search of the Mediterranean’s most prized red grapes – Garnacha and Cariñena – with the aim to make a wine that would fully express the authentic character of the land of his upbringing.

The result was a wine he called “Sangre de Toro,” taking its name from Greek and Roman poets describing the god of wine – known as Dionysus or Bacchus, respectively – as being as “powerful as a bull” whose blood consisted of wine.

Explaining the rationale behind the revamp, Bodegas Torres general manager Miguel Torres Maczassek said: “Sangre de Toro is experiencing its second youth. It stands for authenticity, for reviving certain values of the past that springs from an unpretentious way of thinking and doing things, driven by experience and a love for one’s craft.

“We decided to revamp the design as a tribute to my grandfather for realising his dream and paving the way for the winery’s internationalisation, which we, the subsequent generations, carried on with the same enthusiasm.”

Sangre de Toro was Bodegas Torres’s first bottled wine, at a time when most wine was still sold in bulk. It is a major brand in Spain and by the 1970s was already sold in over 50 countries on five continents. It is now sold in over 150 markets, making it the most international of all Torres wines.



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