NCA decides not to publish price survey

NCA chief executive Ann Fitzgerald: “is this a real price war?"
NCA chief executive Ann Fitzgerald: “is this a real price war?"

Reaction to Tesco price cuts announcement



20 August 2008 | 0

Following Tesco Ireland’s price cut announcement, the National Consumer Agency (NCA) decided to postpone the publication of its most recent price survey, originally scheduled for release at the end of last month.

NCA chief executive Ann Fitzgerald claimed that, in light of Tesco’s announcement, publishing the research at this point would lead to the organisation misleading the public about current supermarket prices. Fitzgerald said of the development however, “We are monitoring the situation to see if they have genuinely reduced their prices or have simply repositioned certain products in more prominent places in their supermarkets to create the impression prices are falling," she said.

The NCA seems to be doubtful of the genuineness of Tesco’s promised savings. “If this is a real price war then where are Aldi, Lidl and Dunnes? Why have they not responded?” asks Fitzgerald.

NCA surveys conducted in the past have been criticised for not giving an accurate reflection of the Irish retail market and the options available for consumers. Superquinn’s executive chairman Simon Burke has dismissed them as “imbalanced and misguided”,  saying that they did not take into account food quality and food sourcing.

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