Musgrave retailers receive new bakery offering following split from Cuisine de France

Outgoing Aryzta boss Owen Killian
Outgoing Aryzta boss Owen Killian

Following its split from Cuisine de France three weeks ago, Musgrave is now sourcing bakery goods from several Irish and French bakeries



28 January 2013

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Today is the first day that Cuisine de France products will be visibly missing from many SuperValu and Centra stores around the country. 

After a dispute over cost increases erupted earlier in the month, Musgrave and Cuisine de France have broken ranks and the retailer is now sourcing its products from a number of Irish and French bakeries.

In the three weeks since the split, Musgrave has managed to source nearly all products and initial reports suggest that retailers are very happy with the new bakery offering and claim that they are maintaining their margins with the new arrangement.

The dispute arose when Cuisine de France tried to put through a 6% increase in price last October due to a rise in commodities such as flour and grain prices. 

Cuisine de France had been paying millions of euro in rebates to Musgrave to maintain their relationship.

A number of weeks ago Cuisine de France contacted retailers by letter to let them know that its business relationship with Musgrave would end on 28 January. 

The bakery company says it was moving to a direct relationship with both SuperValu and Centra retailers and the company was offering retailers a range of new benefits in order to secure their custom. 

Cuisine de France says it is viewing this break from one of its biggest customers as an opportunity to grow in a different direction and bring the relationship back to basics.

Cuisine de France became part of the Swiss-based Aryzta Group in 2008. 



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