M&S Christmas products up to 39% more expensive in Republic

Christmas at Marks & Spencer: Christmas items are up to 39% more expensive in the Republic of Ireland compared to the UK, The Irish Times reports

Certain Christmas products will be significantly more expensive for customers in the Republic of Ireland this year, compared to their UK counterparts



13 October 2017

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Food products in Marks and Spencer’s Christmas brochure are up to 39% more expensive in the Republic of Ireland, when compared with UK prices, The Irish Times reports.

According to the newspaper’s report which can be viewed here, the hefty price increases apply to a number of items, from the group’s luxury seafood platters to turkeys and mince pies.

However, a spokeswoman for Marks and Spencer’s 17 outlets across the Republic, attributed the higher prices to the greater cost base applicable here.

“We work hard to ensure we offer our customers in Ireland great quality products that are competitively priced,” she said.

“Like any business, we have to take into consideration a number of factors specific to the Irish market when setting our prices, such as higher employment, rental and operational costs.”



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