Molson Canadian’s Canada Day survey find Canada No 1 destination for 18 to 35 year-olds

Models Roz Purcell and Daniella Moyles celebrate the first Canada Day that iconic lager Molson Canadian is available in Ireland with an adventure to the top of the Sugar Loaf in County Wicklow.
Models Roz Purcell and Daniella Moyles celebrate the first Canada Day that iconic lager Molson Canadian is available in Ireland with an adventure to the top of the Sugar Loaf in County Wicklow.

A Molson Canadian survey of 18 to 35 year-old Irish men and women has found that Canada is now the most popular place in the world for Irish considering a move abroad. The survey revealed that 43% of Irish would consider moving to Canada if they had to find work outside of Ireland. The US comes a distant second at 19% followed by Australia at 18% and the UK at 13%.



1 July 2013

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In celebration of Canada Day (today), the national survey was commissioned by Molson Canadian, the iconic Canadian lager that landed on Irish shores in April this year, to delve into our country’s attitude to Canada, its people and how both countries are inextricably linked.

The Irish in Canada
With almost 14% (4.54 million) of the country’s population claiming full or partial Irish descent it’s clear the Irish are continuing to have a profound impact on Canadian society since the first Irish settlers (fishermen from Cork) are said to have travelled to Newfoundland in 1536. The survey found that 77% of us know at least one Irish person living in Canada and more than a third (34%) know at least three Irish people living there. 24% of respondents have already visited Canada and 56% are planning a trip in the next five years.
Our Favourite Canadians – Hottest Celebrities
The survey revealed that the ultra-smooth actor Ryan Gosling is considered by Irish women to be the hottest Canadian celebrity winning 44% of the female vote, followed by actor Ryan Reynolds at a distant 23% and Canadian crooner Michael Bublé at 22%. 31% of Irish males ranked Gosling’s Notebook co-star Rachel McAdams as their most fancied, followed by Baywatch star Pamela Anderson (15%) and Lost star Evangeline Lily tying with singer Shania Twain for third, at 14% each.

While no respondents claimed to have been romantically linked with any of the aforementioned celebrities, 15% of the Irish men surveyed say they have kissed a Canadian, compared to 11% of Irish women.
Our Favourite Canadians – Best Entertainers
When it comes to music the survey identified a deep divide between Irish men and women, with 32% of males citing Arcade Fire as their favourite, compared to 40% of females favouring Michael Bublé. Conversely, 20% of Irish males ranked Bublé as their second favourite artist and 17% of women chose either Arcade Fire or Alanis Morissette as their second favourite. 17% of Irish guys chose Heart of Gold singer Neil Young, compared to only 4% of females. The one thing they could agree upon was a mutual dislike of Justin Bieber, with only 1% of Irish males, and 4% of Irish females having any grá for the Canadian star.
It was a close battle between funny man Jim Carrey (38%) and Knocked Up star Seth Rogan (36%) for favourite Canadian comedian, with Austin Powers star Mike Myers coming in third at 24%.

Common bonds between Irish and Canadians
Almost a quarter (23%) of participants believe the most common link the Irish and Canadians share is a love for the great outdoors. This was followed by ‘hanging out with friends’ (13%), an independent spirit (12%) and sense of humour (12%). 11% cited a mutual love of sport, and a third (33%) of us believe there is truth behind the long-held theory that Canada’s beloved national sport, ice hockey, emanated from hurling.

About Molson Canadian
So while the refreshing taste of Canadian will appeal to all lager lovers, the spirit of the brand is very much tied to the great outdoors, hanging out with friends, and taking advantage of the unique and unspoilt beauty that nature has to offer.
The Irish launch of Molson Canadian this year represents the first official launch for the beer outside North America and the biggest lager launch Ireland has seen in more than a decade.
Some more interesting Canadian/Irish Facts:

  •            There are almost as many people living in Canada (4.54million) with Irish descent as the entire population of the Republic of Ireland (4.58million)
  •            The maple leaf was adopted on the Canadian flag in 1965. Interestingly, it has been used as the Molson Canadian brand icon since 1959
  •             In Ireland, the average household net-adjusted disposable income is €18,516.57 compared to Canada at €21,653.3
  •              There are approximately 70 cities and towns in Canada with Irish names. High levels of emigration from Ireland in the 19th and 20th Centuries resulted in countless towns and regions being named or renamed after places in Ireland.  

Examples include:
o         Antrim, Nova Scotia
o         Cashel, Ontario
o         Dublin, Ontario
o         Dundalk, Ontario
o         Enniskillen, Ontario
o         Mullingar, Saskatchewan
o         Kildare, Prince Edward Island



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