Minor Figures expands its oat drink range beyond the specialty coffee category

Naturally sweet and easy to foam, Minor Figures Barista Oat will have you turning out the latte art like a pro in no time


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15 September 2022

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Meet Minor Figures, the B Corp certified company behind your barista’s favourite Oat M*lk. Creators of music collaboration project MinorFigures.FM, the occasional browser game, and a range of products from ready-to-drink lattes and teas to socks and t-shirts, everything the brand does is plant-based, barista standard, and 100% carbon neutral.

Minor Figures was founded by a group of baristas and coffee fanatics with roots in the specialty and independent coffee industry. Its signature Oat M*lk range, Barista Oat, was not designed to replicate the taste of dairy, but to perfectly compliment specialty coffee from texture to taste. By striking the perfect balance of sweetness and fidelity in the cup, Barista Oat allows the complex notes of the espresso it is paired with to shine through. Naturally sweet and easy to foam, Minor Figures Barista Oat will have you turning out the latte art like a pro in no time.

Minor Figures was the first plant-based M*lk company to go carbon neutral in 2018 and is proud to be one of less than 5,000 B Corp companies worldwide who are pioneering a new way to do business. It offsets all carbon emissions it produces in everything from grinding their coffee beans to transporting its cartons of Barista Oat right to your door.

A company with a B Corp Certification has a proven accountability to balance profit and purpose, meaning customers can feel confident that they are supporting a company that puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to sustainability.

The brand recently expanded its Oat M*lk range with the addition of Everyday Oat and Everyday Oat Light. While Barista Oat has been formulated for specialty coffee, Everyday Oat is adaptable to every occasion. Boasting a thicker mouth-feel, this product is a dairy-free milk alternative that tastes great in everything from cereal and baked goods to smoothies and hot drinks. Non-GMO and 100% vegan, it contains only naturally occurring sugars and is fortified with calcium, iodine, and vitamins B2, B12, and D. Made with less oil, resulting in a lower fat content and lighter product, Everyday Oat Light is meeting the demand for an alternative to semi-skimmed and skimmed dairy products.

“We pride ourselves in making great, innovative plant-based products for oat milk lovers, baristas and a better planet,” said Stu Forsyth, CEO and co-founder. “Our new ‘Everyday Oat’ range takes our commitment to a new category, one that is crying out for innovation.  The launch of our new fresh range means we’re not only entering a new space in the supermarket, but we have been able to fortify the product with vitamins and minerals that are commonly lower as part of a vegan diet.”

Now available online at minorfigures.com and in stockists nationwide including Tesco, Dunnes Stores, SuperValu, as well as Independent and Health Food stores such as Holland & Barrett, Nourish, Evergreen, Fresh, and Donnybrook Fair.



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