Lidl UK recalls gravy granules after “paint thinner” chemical found

Lidl will remove all plastic from its fruit and veg aisle by Christmas

Lidl in the UK has recalled two batches of Kania Gravy Granules after they were discovered to contain xylene, a harmful chemical found in paint thinner, petroleum and crude oil.



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19 December 2016

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A harmful chemical has been discovered in gravy granules sold in Lidl in the UK,  leading to a recall of two batches of the product, Kania Gravy Granules. The Independent reports that the danger was reported by a Mr. Eugene Vatsaloo in Wales, whose entire family – including their three dogs – were taken ill after eating the gravy on 29th November.

Exposure to xylene causes irritation of the mouth, nose, throat and lungs, and in severe cases can lead to heart problems, liver and kidney damage and even coma, according to the health body Public Health England.


Lidl UK said that it launched an investigation as soon as the situation was reported to them by Mr. Vandaloo, with any Gravy Granules with a best before date of October or November 2017 recalled to stores. The company has received some criticism, however, for not publicly revealing the details of the suspected contamination for almost two weeks after the first report was made.

“We are taking the issue very seriously,” a Lidl spokesperson told The Independent, “and are working closely with our supplier to identify the cause.”

A spokesperson for Lidl  Ireland said the company is 100% satisfied that the contaminated batches were not sold here.





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