Lidl “price revolution”

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Pictured: The 48 Irish producers at a workshop in Lidl HQ in Tallaght, County Dublin (Photo by Andres Poveda)

Lidl in Ireland enters the price war with Tesco



18 May 2009

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Lidl has announced “wide-ranging” price cuts for its Irish business, which were “permanent and valid” from Saturday 9 May. Lidl spokesperson Aoife Clarke said the price reductions are being rolled out under a ‘One Country, One Price’ scheme, whereby the “unbelievable price cuts” have been achieved “without shifting business overseas.”

“Quite to the contrary, we are constantly extending our range of Irish sourced products and would welcome any proposals from suppliers who might have extra capacity after the change in distribution policies recently announced by some of our competitors,” Clarke commented.

Clarke concluded in her statement to the press: “Our customers know who Ireland’s number one discounter is, regardless of similar claims by other retail chains.”

Some of the new prices include: Tropicana Original Orange Juice 1L €1.99, Whole Fresh Milk 2L €1.49, Fresh Whole Chicken 1.3Kg €3.24, and Nescafé Gold Blend 200g €5.99



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