Lidl Ireland introduces priority measures for frontline healthcare workers

Lidl will remove all plastic from its fruit and veg aisle by Christmas

One of several measures put in place to support local communities in recent weeks



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2 April 2020

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Starting today (02/04/20), Lidl Ireland will introduce new measures to support frontline healthcare workers in its stores across the country.

Now, healthcare workers will be offered priority queuing at store entrances as well as at the checkouts. Those wishing to avail of these new measures will be asked to produce valid HSE identification, and in doing so will be given priority access during regular store opening hours until further notice.

“The food retail sector has been deemed an essential service by the government. At Lidl we take our responsibility to support the communities we operate in extremely seriously,” said J.P Scally, managing director, Lidl Ireland.

The new measures are in addition to Lidl’s dedicated shopping hours for older and more vulnerable customers, which currently run from 9am to 11am every day.

“Having been the first retailer to announce dedicated shopping mornings for older customers, we saw a huge outpouring of support from the public who have shown great respect for our more vulnerable customers,” added Scally. “We hope that they can also demonstrate the same for our frontline healthcare workers who are working tirelessly to care for our nation in these challenging times. Offering priority to these inspirational workers is the least we can do to support those who are going above and beyond to serve our communities across the country.”

Additionally, Lidl Ireland has extended its dedicated food donation appeal to mitigate the impact of coronavirus on communities. The discounter is appealing to customers who would like to purchase an extra tinned or long shelf-life product to leave it in a dedicated table in stores from now until 14 April.

In the last year alone, Lidl’s partnership with FoodCloud saw the retailer donate more than 509,200 meals to those in need. It is now building on its regular donation to appeal to customers who also want to support their local communities in this challenging time.

Commenting on the appeal, Scally said, “It’s clear that local community groups are under increasing pressure due to this crisis so as such we will be extending this appeal in hopes to support them as much as possible. With the generosity of our customers and by utilising our existing infrastructure with FoodCloud we will be able to quickly get the essential supplies to those in need.”

As well as supporting frontline health workers and vulnerable individuals, Lidl Ireland has updated protective measures to ensure the health and safety of its customers and employees.

Its stores now feature:

  • Prominent signage and floor stickers around tills to encourage social distancing and contactless payments
  • In-store announcements and increased security to remind customers to maintain social distance
  • Regular spraying of store trolleys and baskets using a bio misting spray which works to kill bacteria, spores and viruses while sanitising immediately
  • Hand sanitiser for customer use at the entrance to all stores, as well as personal hand sanitiser issued to frontline employees
  • Protective face shields for frontline employees who wish to wear them
  • Perspex protective screens on tills
  • Customer and trolley sanitisation areas
  • Hourly cleaning of key touchpoints throughout the store
  • Dedicated shopping mornings for older customers in all stores across the country until further notice

In regional distribution centres:

  • A vast quantity of signage to encourage social distancing
  • Multiple hand sanitiser stations at various points throughout the premises
  • Dedicated quantities of antibacterial wipes that employees are encouraged to utilise for equipment
  • External cleaners have been made aware of key touchpoints throughout the building and these have been arranged to be diligently cleaned on a more frequent basis
  • Perspex screens have been erected in areas where employees need to interact in person with hauliers

In addition to the above, Lidl is providing daily informational updates to employees on new preventative measures, cleaning and maintenance of existing measures and reiterating government advice on the best methods of preventing the spread of the virus.



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