Lidl Ireland data leak reported in Germany

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Mysterious story in German Der Spiegel reveals data leak in Lidl Ireland



15 November 2009

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German weekly magazine Spiegel reported that there was an information leak from the Irish subsidiary of Lidl. According to the report, sales figures, sourcing plans and employee correspondence including doctors’ notes for absenteeism were among the documents obtained by “unauthorised personnel” due to the fact that the central server was accessible “without appropriate protection.” The report claims the information was procured by an ex-employee before the company had time to realise the security breach.

Allegedly, a disk containing 200,000 different documents was leaked. Spiegel reports that the individual in question claims they did attempt to hand over the material but the company was not interested. Lidl however, the magazine says, has demanded the disk be returned at once and is taking legal action.

No further reports of the incident have emerged subsequent to the Spiegel article. Lidl Ireland has said that the report contains “factual inaccuracies” and that “this is a criminal matter which is the subject of ongoing criminal proceedings.” The company stated finally: “it would be inappropriate for Lidl Ireland to make any further comment.”



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