Krispy Kreme kontroversy – Drive-thru is…kancelled!

Krispy Kreme is feeling the love with Valentine's Day approaching
Krispy Kreme is feeling the love with Valentine's Day approaching

This is why we can't have nice things, as the saying goes. Just a week after the much-anticipated Krispy Kreme outlet opened its doors in Blanchardstown, Dublin, the store has announced plans to cease its 24-hour drive thru service due to noise complaints from residents living around the store.



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3 October 2018 | 0

Following complaints from residents in the area, Krispy Kreme has announced plans to shut its purported 24-hour drive thru service due to noise complaints from residents in the area.

Since the store opened its doors in Blanchardstown last week, residents of the nearby Grove Court Apartments have been complaining of noise from customers queueing in their cars for the 24-hour drive-thru. It seems, rather than wait patiently in line, impatient drivers have taken to entertaining themselves by blowing their horns non-stop at all hours, even in the dead of night when people are trying to sleep!

On the US chain’s Facebook page, Facebook user Kasia Zablotna wrote that residents at Grove Court cannot sleep. “Since the opening of Krispy Kreme, residents of the Grove Court apartments cannot sleep peacefully. Every night there is team trumpeting for donuts, even at 2.30am.

“Children cannot sleep,” the user wrote. “Baby awakened repeatedly. People who live here, for nearly a week are going through a nightmare.”

Along with her comment, Zablotna shared a video which she said was taken at 11.15pm on the night of Monday 1 October. It shows dozens of cars snaking around the Krispy Kreme car park, wildly blowing their horns. To us here at ShelfLife, it looks like the drivers are having “a bit of fun” rather than trying to move the traffic on. Of course, it’s far from it for those having to suffer through the noise.

In a statement, Krispy Kreme Ireland said that the reaction to its first store opening in Ireland has been “overwhelming”, and acknowledges that “enthusiasm” from some customers has resulted in sleepless nights for the store’s neighbours.

“We do apologise for this,” the store said, “and we are doing all we can to minimise the noise, especially at night.”

The store said it aims to reduce the number of cars queuing late at night, and it will install signage that asks drive-thru customers to be respectful of neighbours and other customers. “We’re also actively asking people to contain their excitement,” the store said, “by not beeping their horn while they order.”

Perhaps when the novelty of being able to buy a donut at night wears off, people will stop the juvenile behaviour in their cars and the store can recommence its overnight trading. In the meantime, we sincerely hope that vouchers for free donuts are being deployed to everybody who lives within earshot of that racket!

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