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Formerly Bounty, sales figures have now confirmed Plenty remains Ireland’s number one kitchen towel
Formerly Bounty, sales figures have now confirmed Plenty remains Ireland’s number one kitchen towel

In the quest for kissably clean kitchens you could eat your dinner off, a considerable number of consumers claim to put product performance before price as their primary reason for purchasing certain items.


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13 October 2009

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Mintel has reported that in the UK the household cleaning market has contracted £12 million (€13 million) as 9 million consumers have cut back spending on household cleaning products. Marketing activity has been reduced as “heavy price promotions and extra product offers at the point of sale” take precedence in the battle against private label.

However brands such as Plenty are still focusing on a comprehensive advertising campaign. Phase two of SCA’s migration from the name Bounty to Plenty will see its new TV advertising campaign hit the airwaves on 5 October.

The success of home-grown brand Killeen, which is currently number one within Ireland’s household cleaning category, shows that if consumers perceive they’re being offered the right quality at the right price it can stem the tide towards the rise of own-label cleaning alternatives.

Meanwhile, Mintel reports that the most dreaded tasks, such as oven-cleaning or glass cleaning, are often the jobs that build up so as to make them very unpleasant and even overwhelming. Consequently, latest NPD has sought to capitalise on ways of making the really tough jobs more manageable. For example, Cif Multi-Purpose Acti-Fizz Spray and its “active fizzing technology” which offers a powerful solution for lifting stains off surfaces.

Plenty to offer

It’s official, Plenty has cemented its place as the nation’s leading household towel, following a successful brand migration from Bounty to Plenty. The impressive results achieved during the first phase of the migration are planned to be echoed as the brand enters the second phase this month with a new-look Plenty pack design being launched in-store, supported by a considerable integrated marketing campaign.

As well as a new logo and new-look packaging, phase two of the migration will see the launch of a new TV advertising campaign set to air on 5 October. Featuring the memorable housewives, Brenda and Audrey, the new advertisement, created by Publicis, will feature the two ladies in a Matrix style spoof, demonstrating Plenty’s superior strength and absorbency compared to other household towel products.  

Attributing the success experienced during phase one of the migration to an integrated marketing approach, phase two will also see below the line activity working to reinforce the brand’s messaging. PR and experiential activity will be rolled out by McConnells Fusion. As well as promotion of the new look packaging, the second phase campaign will drive awareness for Plenty’s superior product absorbency and strength attributes and drive its value for money concept through its new strap line ‘One sheet does Plenty.’  

Following the acquisition of the Bounty brand from Procter and Gamble in 2007, SCA introduced the new Plenty name in early 2009. SCA is investing heavily in marketing support in Ireland during 2009 and recent sales results have shown Plenty has grown the category and its market penetration, both in terms of value and volume.

Category insight manager, Michele Santry comments: “Sales figures show that Plenty remains Ireland’s number one household towel brand, and has managed to increase its market penetration, during the successful migration campaign.  We are ecstatic with the results and we will continue to work hard in order to keep Plenty in the driving seat, especially during the key secondary phase of the migration.”

Killeen-ing up

As the number one brand in household cleaning according to AC Nielsen statistics, Killeen has provided best-selling kitchen cleaning products to the retail trade for the past 25 years. Still going strong, Killeen Kitchenmate and Easi-Clean continue to be best-sellers due to their flexibility and durability in the kitchen. Killeen kitchen essentials provide a powerful combination of high quality and value for money, and the brand believes its portfolio can drive sales for retailers, to “clean-up with Killeen.”

Powerful care

The Cif product portfolio has been designed to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs, and is one of the best known household cleaning brands on the market.

Cif Multi-Purpose Acti-Fizz Spray is the latest innovation in household cleaning from Cif. The brand claims this revolutionary spray harnesses the power of “active fizzing technology” to lift stains off surfaces. In consumers’ busy lives, where dirt seems to constantly appear, especially in the kitchen, Cif Multi-Purpose Acti-Fizz spray is a versatile cleaner for use all over the home and on all kinds of everyday stains. And as customers have come to expect from Cif, all of this is done whilst maintaining care for kitchen surfaces.

To tackle the tough jobs in the kitchen, there is Cif Powercream Kitchen which is a tough cleaning trigger spray that combines the power of Cif cream boosted with an active degreasing formula. It effectively removes sticky residue, tough grease and even baked-on food.



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