Kerrygold unveils major new global butter campaign

Caragh McKenna, aged 8, from Monaghan, with Broadcaster Angela Scanlon on the grass carpet in Dublin for the launch of Kerrygold’s new global campaign ‘A True Taste of Kerrygold’
Caragh McKenna, aged 8, from Monaghan, with broadcaster Angela Scanlon on the grass carpet in Dublin for the launch of Kerrygold’s new global campaign ‘A True Taste of Kerrygold’

Kerrygold, one of Ireland’s most successful food exports globally, has launched a new global marketing campaign that places Ireland’s farming families at the fore. The campaign is expected to reach more than 36 million people worldwide and aims to take the Kerrygold brand to new heights.


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19 February 2019 | 0

A brand-new digital campaign entitled ‘A True Taste of Kerrygold’ is putting Ireland’s grass-fed family farming system firmly in the spotlight, celebrating the passion, pride and tradition of Irish dairy as part of a major global expansion drive for Ireland’s largest food exports.

The campaign is rolling out to markets all over the world including Ireland, UK, US and Germany, and is expected to reach up to 36 million viewers. In Germany, Kerrygold is the clear market leader, selling faster than any other food brand on supermarket shelves. Kerrygold is also the number two butter brand in the large-scale US market where it has enjoyed double digit volume growth for over ten years.

The widespread success of Kerrygold products is attributed to the unique taste and quality of Irish dairy that is derived from the milk of Ireland’s grass-fed cows. This milk is produced everyday by dedicated and passionate Irish family farmers. Kerrygold truly is the Irish farmer’s brand and this campaign shines a spotlight on it like never before.

Commenting on the campaign, Róisín Hennerty, managing director of Ornua Foods said the new campaign is a stand-out moment for Kerrrygold on the world stage. “For decades,” Hennerty said, “Kerrygold has been synonymous with the benefits of grass-fed dairy and has authentically told the story of Irish dairy farming to the world.

“The beauty of a brand like Kerrygold is that we all own a piece of it,” she continued, “whether that’s the memories shared around family mealtimes, the charm of the Kerrygold TV ads of yesteryear or the swell of pride we feel in its presence in countries all over the world. It has always been an intrinsic part of Irish identity. It is owned by a community of Irish farming families who have passed down their farming values and methods from generation to generation.”



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