Juul vape brand goes on sale across BWG store network

Alan Peyton, director of sales, with Gareth Smyth, general manager, Juul Labs Ireland

With smoking rates in Ireland falling consistently in recent years, the potential for a tobacco-free future now seems more in reach than ever. The growing numbers of consumers leaving cigarettes behind for good is thanks, in some examples, to the growth of vaping as an aid and an alternative.


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31 January 2020

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The Healthy Ireland report for 2019 reveals that smoking rates among Irish consumers are falling rapidly. 17% of the population describes themselves as a smoker – down 3% on 2018 and down 6% since 2015. This decrease is aided in some cases by consumers turning to vaping as a tobacco alternative.

Many vaping brands have enjoyed rapid growth in Ireland due to this popularity; one of the best known is Juul Labs, whose growth is set to continue as it announces a new partnership with BWG Foods. Juul products are set to go on sale in Spar, Eurospar, Mace, Londis and XL stores across Ireland. The US brand says the expansion is another step in its mission to “improve the lives of one billion adult smokers worldwide”.

Gareth Smyth, General Manager of Juul Labs Ireland, says that he welcomes the results of the latest Healthy Ireland survey, citing the statistic that suggests 4 in 10 of smokers employed e-cigarettes to aid in their quitting journey. “Tobacco kills almost 6,000 people in Ireland every year,” said Smyth, “and our mission is to improve adult smokers’ lives by offering an alternative to combustible tobacco – with the ultimate goal of eliminating cigarettes.”

Smyth added that Juul’s partnership with BWG Foods highlights the growing demand for vaping products nationwide. “Our aim is to be available in as many outlets that sell cigarettes as possible,” he said, “in order to offer adult smokers an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Furthermore, we fully support the introduction of legislation to prevent the sale of e-cigarettes to under-18s, which we have been campaigning for since we launched in Ireland in May 2019.”

Some stats from the latest Healthy Ireland study:

  • 40% of smokers have tried to quit during the past year
  • a further 28% are either trying to quit or actively planning to do so
  • 38% of those who tried to quit smoking in the past year used e-cigarettes in their attempt
  • and 5% of Irish adults now use e-cigarette products




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