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5 March 2012

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ShelfLife: July 2012



Biscuits and cakes

Despite money being tighter, people still want to spend their hard earned cash on affordable treats such as biscuits and cakes. The ROI cake market was recently recorded as having a value of €88 million, while the biscuit market is estimated to be worth €290 million. According to Annette Kenny, Consumer Foods Division, Bord Bia, the principal growth sectors within the biscuit category are special treats and everyday biscuits. Consumers are purchasing lower average quantities per trip of healthier biscuits, although they remain the UK’s largest segment in value terms at 19%. Within the cake category, growth is particularly occurring within individual small cakes; cake bars and mini rolls; small pies and cake slices.

Back to School Lunchbox Fillers

The back to school period represents a very expensive time of the year for families, with research showing the average cost for a child entering secondary school now stands at €815. Parents are subsequently keen to find value-for-money lunchbox options in a bid to try and keep costs down. That said, the importance of healthy, nutritious options is nevertheless of paramount importance for parents. Particularly considering the rising awareness of health problems such as child obesity. Parents want products that are natural with no artificial colours or additives; good food that will help their child concentrate and get the most out of their hectic day. On-the-go options and convenience are also crucial for mums and dads with busy schedules.

Oriental food and drink

Chinese food has long been a favourite ethnic food here in Ireland. The current economic climate is encouraging consumers to recreate tasty restaurant and take-away experiences at home. Stir fry products are driving sales forwards because not only do they offer convenience, but are also perceived by consumers as being healthy, due to the fact that they can add their own ingredients and tailor meals to suit their own preferences. According a recent Mintel report, stir fry sales increased by 37% over the last two years, while cooking sauces for Chinese food have risen by 13%. Spurred on by their travels, Irish consumers’ awareness of refreshing Chinese drinks that perfectly complement their favourite dishes is also rapidly rising.

Australian wines

Australia’s wine industry has scored first-league results in recent years. Indeed, it is currently the fourth largest exporter of wine around the world. Showing the impressive diversity available from Australia, more than 60 designated wine regions produce in excess of 100 different grape varieties. Furthermore, Australian winemakers have received worldwide acclaim and the country’s winemaking has established benchmarks for a number of varietals, such as Chardonnay and Shiraz. Australians have also innovated in canopy management and other viticultural and winemaking techniques. It’s subsequently no surprise then, that according to established wine critic Matt Kramer, "the most powerful influence in wine today" comes from Australia.

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