Jamie Oliver and Tesco join forces

Tesco UK has announced a new healthy eating partnership with Jamie Oliver
Tesco UK has announced a new healthy eating partnership with Jamie Oliver

Tesco in the UK has unveiled a new partnership with world-famous celebrity chef and healthy eating advocate Jamie Oliver, whose new mission is to enable Tesco customers make healthier choices in the basket and cook from scratch at home.



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11 September 2018 | 0

Have we mentioned recently how healthy choices are today defining the strategies of supermarkets and convenience store brands across the board? As those strategies are manifesting themselves as initiatives as well as product ranges, Tesco in the UK is doing a bit of both with the high profile signing of Jamie Oliver, continuing his one-man mission to make healthy eating easier and more affordable for families.

One of the initiatives in the new partnership will enabling “helpful little swaps”, whereby customers can garner advice on what small changes they can make to their basket in order to reduce the amount of sugar and salt in their diets. Oliver’s participation with Tesco will also help customers (and workers) make better-value healthy meals from scratch.

The partnership comes on the back of research that suggested seven out of ten families believe supermarkets should do more to help people make healthier choices, while almost 70% also saying they would like more practical advice and inspiration on healthier alternatives.

Jamie Oliver, whose lucrative previous partnership witih Sainsbury’s ended in 2011, said that he is “incredibly excited” to be collaborating with Tesco, which currently tops the supermarket share tables in both Ireland and the UK.

The survey results back up what I hear every single day,” Oliver said. “People want to know how to enjoy more of the good stuff, in easy fun and delicious ways. This makes our partnership one of the most exciting opportunities to actually get people celebrating their five-a-day.”

Oliver said his plan is to respond to different seasons and consumer needs by creating meals and short-cuts for customers, while “Tesco’s part is to make it easier and more affordable.”


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