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Favourite drink? Greenore Single Grain Irish Whiskey...



22 August 2008 | 0

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What’s your favourite off-licence?
The Celtic Whiskey Shop and my local O’Brien’s in Clontarf
How do you describe yourself?
What’s your favourite drink?
Currently it’s Greenore Single Grain Irish whiskey over a cube or two of ice with a splash of fresh lemon juice however it changes on the occasion and my mood.
What’s your favourite drink brand (outside of any you represent) and why?
Bruichladdich Single Malt from Scotland. They have done an amazing job at innovating in terms of packaging and new styles of whiskey while keeping true to the history and heritage of the brand.
Should drink ads be limited/banned?
No, the industry has taken upon itself to self regulate and to promote sensible drinking through www.drinkaware.ie and other such initiatives.
What piece of legislation would you introduce/change?
Reduction of the exorbitant excise duties on spirits
The best gift you ever received?
A Datsun Laurel I was given to make sure I went to college – it was built like a tank with power steering.
What possession could you not live wihtout?
Sad to say but my mobile phone
What was your first job?
Scanning library books into a national database for the US government when I was 18.
What’s the worst ad ever?
Tough one as there have been plenty but the recent avalanche of injury compensation and ringtone TV adverts stand out as the most annoying.
What’s your favourite drink ad at the moment?
Latest Bulmers TV advert
Country & Western or Rock n Roll?
The easiest one yet – Rock & Roll
Who is inspirational in the Irish trade?
Ally Alpine of the Celtic Whiskey Shop
What (if anything) was the last thing you bought
on the Internet?
Nike training tops for my tag rugby team
What’s your favourite food?
Wine or beer?
Depends on the mood
What makes you laugh?
My old school mate PJ Gallagher from
Naked Camera
Favourite insult?
A good Vincentian educated boy like myself doesn’t resort to using insults.

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