Irish Food sector showcased at Milan Expo 2015

Colin Gordon and Paul Kelly of FDII, with Mary Rose Burke of IBEC

The Food and Drink Industry Ireland chairman Colin Gordon has used the Milan Expo to give exposure to Food Wise 2025



7 July 2015

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Following on from the government’s new agri-food strategy Food Wise 2025, the chairman of Food and Drink Industry Ireland (FDII) Colin Gordon has welcomed the initiative, praising it during a reception at the Irish Pavilion at Expo Milan last night.

Gordon said the venue was particularly fitting to mark the occasion, given that the Pavilion has “Origin Green” as its theme which in turn resonates with the core theme of the Expo itself, which is ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.’

“Irish agri-food producers need efficiency and open markets domestically, across the single market and increasingly in international markets,” Gordon said. “FDII strongly supports efforts to make the European single market more efficent. Similarly, with a strong focus on international markets, the conclusion of balanced trade agreements to secure additional market access in strategic growth markets at similar tarriff levels to competitors is essential.”

The Milan Expo 2015 is running from May until October, showcasing technology, innovation, culture, traditions and creativity and how they relate to food and diet. Expo 2015 will further develop themes introduced in earlier Expos in the light of new global scenarios and emerging issues, with a principal focus on the right to healthy, secure and efficient food for all the world’s inhabitants.




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