‘Increased appetite for scratch cooking’: SuperValu’s Home Truths Report III 

At the launch of SuperValu’s ‘Let’s Get Ireland Cooking’ campaign and the third annual Home Truth’s Report are chef Kevin Dundon, Bressie, Sharon Hearne-Smith and Dave from The Happy Pear

Half of consumers are aware of the new Food Pyramid, with the majority saying they need to amend their diet



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19 April 2017

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  • Almost nine out of 10 of us (87%) are cooking at least one meal at home from scratch five times a week, up 3% from this time last year, with breakfast the main driver and small increases in lunch and dinner, which is encouraging.
  • While time remains the main impediment, the report shows people are less likely now to blame laziness (down from 25% last year to 17% this year) or lack of inspiration.
  • Half of adults have heard of the new food pyramid, one in 10 have a detailed understanding of it, while one in 10 had never heard of it. A staggering nine out of 10 adults feel they should amend their diet, based on the new pyramid, and similarly their children’s diet;
  • The report has interesting insights into children’s portion sizes; with over half of parents giving their under 16 children meals that are the same size or bigger than their own–while only 11% of parents give their child a portion that is ‘a lot smaller’ than theirs for either breakfast, lunch and /or dinner.
  • Involvement of children in cooking has relatively remained the same with only 58% of parents sometimes involving their children in cooking.
  • The weekly Sunday roast is on the increase this year too, up 3% on last year to 45%;
  • Take-away meals remain very popular, especially with younger adults.   More adults are eating take away dinners and eating in fast food restaurants, both seeing a 5% increase, compared to 2016.

The third annual SuperValu Home Truths Report released today shows a shift in attitudes to cooking from scratch and a great appetite for food inspiration; with increases in people cooking more from scratch and Sunday roasts still high on the weekly menu and family get-togethers.

Time, lack of cooking skills and inspiration have been cited as the main impediments since SuperValu’s first report three years ago, but the retailer’s latest study shows there is clear evidence now that the dial is moving in the right direction. Surprisingly, 13% still believe it is “too expensive to cook from scratch”, despite clear evidence that cooking meals from fresh quality ingredients from scratch is better value than the more expensive options (like ordering takeaways) and undoubtedly healthier.

The SuperValu “Home Truths” III Report, which was developed in conjunction with Dr. Mary McCreery, consultant dietician nutritionist at Blackrock Clinic, Dublin, is an in-depth, annual report. It was carried out by RED C with a random representative of over 1,000 adults aged 18+ in late February 2017.

Who’s cooking from scratch?

New ambassador Bressie and Dr Mary McCreery, consultant dietician nutritionist

New ambassador Bressie and Dr Mary McCreery, consultant dietician nutritionist

Nearly nine out of 10 (87%) adults cook one meal at home from scratch, at least five times a week, an increase of 3% on last year, with breakfast cooking becoming more popular especially with younger consumers; 67% of 18-24 year olds now cooking breakfast five times a week, up from 42% last year.

There has also been a discernible shift in attitudes towards scratch cooking, with adults offering fewer excuses than before.  Last year, nearly half of all 18-24-year old’s (49%) admitted they didn’t cook from scratch because they were lazy, today only 37% say that’s the case. Lack of inspiration is becoming less of an excuse too, as people are becoming more inspired about cooking, only 12% now feel it’s an excuse compared to 19% last year.

But take-aways aren’t going away; the report shows an increase in take-away meals and visits to fast food restaurant both up 5% a week, compared to last year.

Awareness of, and views on, the new Food Pyramid

Half of adults are aware of the Dept. of Health’s new Food Pyramid (rising to 63% of AB’s and 60% of women aged 25-44) and, while one in 10 has a detailed understanding of it, another 1 in 10 had never heard of it. Almost nine out of 10 adults feel they should make “any changes” having seen the food pyramid, most saying they need to eat more fruit and vegetables and cut back on treats, both in their own and their children’s diets.

Children’s portion sizes come under the spotlight with the revelation that 41% of parents give their children the same size meals as they have, with only 11% of parents giving them a portion that is ‘a lot smaller’ for breakfast, lunch and /or dinner.  Encouraging healthy eating and getting children cooking at home remains relatively the same with 58% of parents only sometimes including their children when cooking whilst there’s been an increase (23%) of parents who rarely include their children vs 19% in 2016.

Regular family meal occasions around Ireland

People are getting together more as a family around meal times – more than two in five (45%) have a weekly Sunday Roast, up 3% while there is also a rise in those having a family meal on a weekly basis, up 8% on 12 months ago, 94% of those with dependent children will regularly have a family meal, up 5% and 77% of older adults (aged 65+) have Sunday Roasts regularly, up 24% on last year.

Commenting on the results of the Home Truths III report, Martin Kelleher, managing director at SuperValu said he was “encouraged” by the report’s findings.

“It’s important to ensure the next generation is healthier than the last and that’s why at SuperValu we are on a mission to ‘Get Ireland Cooking’,” Kelleher said. “Three years ago, we called on everyone to cook just one more meal from scratch at home every week – and they are now doing that. We have been all around Ireland, providing food inspiration ideas, simple advice on cooking skills, and with our ambassadors showing people how to cook simple, healthy meals.”

Let’s Get Ireland Cooking

On the back of the Home Truths Report III released today, SuperValu has launched ‘Let’s Get Ireland Cooking’ which is a continuation of its campaign to ensure wholesome, tasty food is central to the health and wellness of the next generation and by providing a greater understanding of what really constitutes nutritious healthy meals.

Central to the campaign is Ireland’s new food pyramid; simple messages that everyone can take on board to achieve a more balanced diet. SuperValu also unveiled their new Let’s Get Ireland Cooking ambassador line-up today – Kevin Dundon, Martin Shanahan, Sharon Hearne Smith, The Happy Pear, Michael O’Meara,  Bressie and blogger, Mummy Cooks.



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