Importance of delivery drivers wearing masks highlighted on social media

Medically vulnerable customer expresses concern on Twitter



2 February 2021 | 0

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The importance of ensuring that all delivery drivers follow company policy and wear masks when arriving at customers’ homes was highlighted on social media this week, when cystic fibrosis activist Orla Tinsley – who previously appeared on the RTE One documentary ‘Orla Tinsley: Warrior’ highlighted the issue on Twitter, in a post which has since received more than 2,000 ‘likes’.

On the site, Ms Tinsley wrote in a tweet – which can be viewed here – that despite previously contacting the store in question to explain her medical vulnerability, she had received four deliveries from the retailer, whereby each time the driver did not wear a mask.

On the fourth occasion, she wrote that she asked the driver to put a mask on, but that he replied he didn’t need to because he was outside. 

A representative for Tesco apologised and thanked Ms Tinsley for bringing the issue to the company’s attention.

Ms Tinsley later posted: “Customer care @TescoIrl have been amazing and extremely helpful. And I have so much respect for anyone doing essential, frontline work right now. But no mask for four deliveries in a row, after stating the need, doesn’t work. May we all be free and safe from Covid.”



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