IFA hits out at Aldi’s “aggressive” milk discounting

The IFA has hit out at retailers for not showing solidarity over milk prices

The Irish Farmers' Association has hit out at discounter Aldi over its milk discounting strategy, calling it irresponsible and suggesting it is unbecoming of a company which adheres to Bord Bia's sustainability guidelines.



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29 June 2018

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Unsustainable discounting of fresh milk by Aldi is “socially irresponsible and fundamentally incompatible with Origin Green membership”, according to John Finn, the IFA’s national liquid milk chairman John Finn.

“Aldi is currently selling fresh milk at €1.30 for 2 litres, which is below the true cost of putting that milk on the shelf,” he said. “This is the second time in 12 months that Aldi has shown its aggressive discounting streak on fresh milk. In that time, the retailer has become a member of Origin Green, the Bord Bia Irish food sustainability scheme.

“This, however, is not economically sustainable,” he added.

Finn pointed out how Aldi’s promotional material states that it developed a plan that includes sustainable sourcing, and emphasises social responsibility. “Any fair-minded person can see that this aggressive undermining of the value of fresh milk through hostile discounting is neither sustainable nor socially responsible,” he said.

“Aldi’s behaviour will be seen by farmers for what it is: a nakedly cynical attempt to build up market share while masking their irresponsible actions behind positive PR.”

Finn added that he believes Aldi should prove to dairy farmers that their commitment to them is sustainable, by moving away from unsustainable discounting.




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