Heineken Ireland one of the most water-efficient breweries in global group

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Heineken Ireland reduced its energy consumption by 10% last year while the rollout of its green refrigeration lines yielded significant energy savings of around 35% to its customer base while the re-design of the Heineken Extra Cold frozen columns also resulted in a 40% increase in energy efficiency.



28 November 2013

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Heineken Ireland remains one of the most water-efficient breweries in the global Heineken group utilising just 3.1 Hectolitres of water for every Hectolitre of beer, having achieved a 5% reduction in water consumption levels in 2012 compared to  2011. The eco-results were contained in its Sustainability Report for 2012, Brewing a Better Future.
The report focuses on the company’s efforts to manage the social and environmental impacts of its business in 2012 and Heineken plc’s report is available in an online version.

This touches on the urgent challenges currently faced by the brewing industry and where the company will focus its sustainability efforts next, declaring new ambitions for 2015.

It’s been three years since Heineken launched its programme and four key areas have been agreed on which Heineken will build a deeper second phase for Brewing a Better Future:

    * Protecting water resource
    * Reducing CO2 emissions
    * Sourcing sustainably
    * Advocating responsible consumption.

Heineken Ireland sources 100% of its malt requirements locally and spends €100 million in the local economy while its recycling rate is maintained at nearly 100% according to the report which also indicates that 35,000 jobs are now linked to Heineken Ireland.
_The full sustainability report, along with other local market reports is available online at www.sustainabilityreport.heineken.com.



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