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The mantra ‘look good, feel better’ is one that has never gone out of style and with that in mind, this month we bring you a full analysis of the latest consumer trends, innovations and bestsellers that are impacting the health and beauty category


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24 July 2017 | 0

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A number of segments within the ‘health and beauty’ category have grown over the past year, according to research released by Euromonitor Ireland ( Bath and shower grew by 2% in current value terms in 2016 to reach €74 million, according to Euromonitor’s research. This growth was stronger compared to the review period compound annual growth rate (CAGR). With water charges being suspended in mid-2016, this led to less of a focus on water conservation, which may be one contributing factor to the rise in sales.

Looking forward, Euromonitor forecasts the bath and shower segment is predicted to see a value CAGR of 1% at constant 2016 prices over the forecast period to reach €76 million in 2021.

Meanwhile, skin care grew by 2% in current value terms in 2016 with the category valued at €146 million, according to Euromonitor Ireland. Growth was slightly  slower compared to the review period however as consumer confidence dropped following Britain’s decision to leave the EU in June 2016.

The analyst also reported some interesting findings with regards to skin care trends. According to Euromonitor, consumers are increasing their purchases of time-saving, convenient products when it comes to skin care. In 2014, the cleanse, tone and moisturise skin care routine became less known. Instead of buying cleansing lotion, toner, cotton wool balls/pads, etc, shoppers were increasingly opting for facial wipes in place of these. These are popular because they make it easy to remove make-up at the end of the day or a night out.

Unique shaving solutions
Women’s hair removal
While men’s razor sales are under pressure, women’s razors are holding steady at €3.3m* with more women than ever choosing to remove body hair.**

The Intuition razor from Wilkinson Sword has a built-in skin moisturising solid around the blade, removing the need to use a separate gel

Unlike men’s razors, we see women moving between ‘systems’ and ‘disposables’ and with 65% of packs sold being disposable products,*** they are clearly the most popular choice for many women, providing a convenient close shave, ideal for at home or on-the-go on holiday or at the gym. Indeed, we see disposables coming out well ahead of depilatories such as wax, creams etc, or electrical products in terms of the number of women using them.**** Less women are also using out of home services,**** with professional treatments on the wane in favour of a simple and quick at home shave.

The aging population has thrown up some interesting dynamics with the over 55s seeing increasing numbers removing body hair across Europe.***** Mostly their key shaving areas are legs and armpits but we’re also seeing 28% of 55-75 women removing hair from the bikini line,****** yet another signal that the perception of what ‘old’ means in today’s world is fast changing!

Within the women’s hair removal category, Wilkinson Sword has seen strong growth in the last few years with value sales in 2016 up +7% on the prior year

Irish shoppers typically choose either Wilkinson Sword or Gillette with the two brands making up 90% of the market sales.******* Wilkinson Sword has seen strong growth in the last few years with value sales in 2016 up +7% on the prior year while Gillette and Bic both declined.****** Wilkinson Sword puts this down to creating unique solutions for women’s needs. This can be easily demonstrated across a range that spans everything from a Quattro, which incorporates a bikini trimmer and razor in a single waterproof handle through to the Intuition razor that has a built-in skin moisturising solid around the blade, so no need to use gel, just add water and shave!

Men’s shaving
The increasingly more casual workplace means that there is less need for men to be clean shaven every day, so the average number of shaves per week has dropped from 4.2 back in 2010 to 3.7 in 2016* which has led to less razor consumption and sales falling -1% to €14.4m in 2016.** Despite this, men are focused on getting a betterquality of shave which is reflected in the amount of new products launched into the category over the last few years and average price paid per razor rising both in Ireland and the UK.**


Continued skincare development have helped deliver +10% growth to the Wilkinson Sword Hydro range

Within men’s razors we’re seeing shopper led trade-up in both systems razors (those with replacement blades) and disposables. The latter has seen a big move from the older one and two blade razors of the 70s into three-plus blade technology with added benefits. A great example of this is the hugely popular Wilkinson Sword Xtreme 3, which has three blades, lubricant and flexible blades that bend to hug the contours of the face, or indeed head. Systems razors have also seen many changes with continued skincare developments helping to deliver +10% growth to the Wilkinson Sword Hydro range** which specifically  focuses on the still unmet need for a less irritating shaving experience.

This move by men on getting a better shaving experience is part of an overall focus we’re seeing with men looking to improve every part of their grooming regimes. For example we’re still seeing higher involvement in grooming categories such as moisturisers with Mintel forecasting that men’s skincare sales in the UK alone will clear £110m by 2018.

Getting it right in-store
With all this in mind it’s important for retailers to get it right in-store so the key elements to consider in razors are:
Known brands: Shaving is a ‘high trust’ exercise; if you are using a razor you need to believe in the company that made it. Gillette and Wilkinson Sword are the two best-known, must-stock brands and with over 240 years of experience you know you’re in safe hands with Wilkinson Sword (established 1772). It’s essential for store’s ownbrands to deliver quality that matches brands to win the trust and loyalty of their shoppers.
• Systems and disposables: Shopper research shows that men choose either system razors with replaceable heads or disposables with the focus on the former on delivery of a clean, close shave and the latter a convenient, simple alternative (Source: Kantar usage Panel UK 2015). Few men shift between the two so it’s important that you stock both. Best practice is to segment the fixture into these two sections to make them simple to shop based on need – space should be comparable as while 27% of sales (€) come from disposables, they make up half of pack volume sold.
Promotional planning: Shoppers will trade-up for promotions; to get the most out of your range look at large or extra fill packs on cheaper disposables or blade refills to maximise the sale. For new system razor handles and premium (three-plus blade) razors it’s about trial so highly visible promotional sites should help drive engagement and category trade-up.
• Stock the fixture: Many store staff fear shrink and use this as a reason not to stock the fixture – if the product sought is not available shoppers are proven to switch store (Source: Shopper IQ 2015).
Placement: Some retailers have this category in poor store locations that are hard for shoppers to find. Try to make them visible next to related categories such as shower gels or deodorants – this also helps with driving the overall basket as shoppers have easy access to different steps to their grooming routine. Till point sites can also provide an important reminder to stock up on blades. Simplicity is best! The Simple Pure Soap for Sensitive Skin bar allows consumers to cleanse and gently purify their face and body. Its mild formula means it doesn’t irritate and is suitable for the whole family. Key attributes include that it has no perfume and no colour. Simple is dermatologically tested and developed by experts in sensitive skin.

Simplicity is best!
The Simple Pure Soap for Sensitive Skin bar allows consumers to cleanse and gently purify their face and body. Its mild formula means it doesn’t irritate and is suitable for the whole family. Key attributes include that it has no perfume and no colour. Simple is dermatologically tested and developed by experts in sensitive skin.

Simple’s mild formula doesn’t irritate skin is and is suitable for the entire family

To order Simple, contact Brandshapers on 053 9179007 or email customerservice@brand






Naturally healthy hair for kids
Vosene Squeaky Clean 3 in 1 Shampoo gently cleanses and conditions a child’s hair and scalp for naturally shiny, healthy-looking hair. The specially formulated shampoo also contains natural tea tree oil and lemon eucalyptus oil to help prevent head lice when used alongside Vosene’s Conditioning Defence Spray. The range is both dermatologically tested and methylisothiazolinone (MIT)-free. 

Caring for kids post-swimVosene’s Gentle to Skin Afterswim Hair & Body Wash is the key to caring for children post-swim. It combines the trusted Vosene kids formula with Aromaguard technology to gently clean, moisturise and remove chlorine, salt and other impurities after a visit to the pool. In fact, it leaves little dippers with healthy-looking, soft an conditioned hair and skin.

Vosene Squeaky Clean 3 in 1 Spampoo has a special formulation that helps prevent head lice

Vosene’s Gentle to Skin Afterswim Hair and Body Wash gently cleans and moisturises after a visit to the pool

Advantages include that this product is tear free, dermatologically tested and paediatrician-approved and suitable from three months onward. It is also free from soap, and detergents, sodium laurel sulphate and sodium laureate sulphate (SLS and SLES), MIT-free and paraben-free. To order Vosene, contact Brandshapers on 053 9179007 or email


Trusted and caring skincare brand
With the constant introduction of new and innovative product developments coupled with strategic communications and consumer insights, it was no surprise that Nivea made it in to this year’s ShelfLife’s ‘100 mostchosen master brands at home’, ranking compiled by Kantar Worldpanel.


With over 130 years of expertise in caring for skin, Nivea, an iconic brand, is a household name to many and viewed by consumers as a trusted and caring skincare brand. Nivea understands the importance of effective skincare solutions both in day-to-day life and in more highpressured situations. The brand consistently strives to develop new and excitingproducts that stay true to its core brand identity.

Through innovation and investment, Nivea has quickly become Ireland’s number one face brand, body brand, men’s brand and suncare brand.* As category leaders, it is Nivea’s responsibility to lead from the front and that means working very closely with both consumers and retailers.

Based on consumer needs and the adaptation to new and emerging trends, Nivea brings out some fantastic new products across its categories each year. The latest of Nivea’s new product developments, the Nivea Micellar range, has been making its mark in the beauty and face care industry. The new range recently received two renowned awards – Nivea Daily Essentials 3 in 1 Sensitive Caring Micellar Water won 2016 Product of the Year (POTY) in the UK and Ireland and Nivea Daily Essentials 3 in 1 Cleansing Micellar Wipes also won 2017 Product of the Year in both countries.

Fast relief from sensitivity pain
GSK is unveiling its latest advanced formulation for Sensodyne Rapid Relief toothpaste, which is engineered to provide fast relief from sensitivity pain. From Ireland’s number one selling sensitive toothpaste brand*, Sensodyne Rapid Relief has been available in stores with new ingredients and a pack design since June. The launch is supported by a €600K media investment and shopper marketing plan which went live from the beginning of July.

Speed of relief is a high priority for shoppers and research has shown that fast relief from the pain or discomfort of tooth sensitivity is an important benefit for sensitivity toothpaste users.** With one in three shoppers suffering with sensitive teeth,*** Sensodyne Rapid Relief aims to invigorate the category with its premium positioning and aims to encourage shoppers to trade up to take advantage of its fast acting formulation.

Sensodyne Rapid Relief is available in both Original and Whitening varieties

Sensodyne Rapid Reflief is clinically proven to provide relief from sensitivity pain in just 60 seconds

Powered by science, Sensodyne Rapid Relief is clinically proven to provide relief from sensitivity pain in just 60 seconds. The product combines the power of Stannous Fluoride with bio-adhesive polymer for fast relief and long lasting protection from tooth sensitivity (with twice daily use), and also features an improved taste profile. Sensodyne Rapid Relief has been available in both Original and Whitening varieties since June, with an MRSP of €4.99 to reflect its premium benefits and advanced positioning within the Sensodyne range.

The launch is supported by a heavyweight marketing campaign called ‘Face up to sensitivity pain fast’ which focuses on the various triggers of tooth sensitivity. The campaign includes TV, shopper and digital activity.

Eilis Tobin, marketing manager, Oral Care at GSK commented: “Sensodyne is worth over €1bn globally; therefore we’re thrilled to be continuing this success with the launch of new and improved Sensodyne Rapid Relief into our advanced range – our fastest acting sensitivity toothpaste yet.

Q&A with . . .PADDY CARMODY, marketing manager of Beiersdorf in Ireland

Paddy Carmody

Q: What are the current most important trends for consumers within health and beauty and how is Nivea providing for these needs?
A: This really depends on the category, as each category is quite different.
• Lip is all about ‘new news’ and new flavours and this is  why our limited edition Labello Neon range did extremely well.
• Men’s facial is all about ‘manscaping’ whilst looking after the skin.
• Female facial is about good cleansing and cleansing as a key step to great skin. This education and online tutorials have resulted in more women talking and seeking to cleanse, tone and moisturise.
• Sun: I am calling this a trend as it hasn’t become part of the daily routine yet but hopefully it will soon. It is so encouraging to see signs in crèches saying ‘please apply sun cream to your kids’, seeing festival workers using and re-applying sunscreen and people at work applying sunscreen when going to the park for their lunch.

Q: How extensively has the men’s skincare category grown in recent years? How have attitudes towards male skincare changed?

A: The male skincare category has seen significant growth over the past few years and as a brand we are leading that growth through our core range and fantastic NPD offerings. During Father’s day, we had teenagers picking up a Nivea Men Aftershave for their dads while picking up the new Nivea Men All Purpose Crème Tin for themselves. Obviously our close partnerships with the likes of Liverpool, Real Madrid and the FAI over the years has really helped us ‘talk’ to Irish men in a much more relevant way than we have done in the past.

Manscaping, body grooming, designer stubble – these are now all day-to-day terms for Irish men. In the past men in changing rooms might have had one bottle of shower gel between them whereas now you could walk into any changing room in the country and men will have multiple shower gels, deodorants, shaving products and moisturisers. Men are really starting to take care of themselves and it’s being noticed.
Q: Nivea has always been an innovative company – can you explain more about the product breakthroughs that you have delivered and how extensively you invest in the scientific research behind these?

A: NPD is very important to all health and beauty categories. Thankfully we are a very innovative company as we invest significantly into our R&D department. Consumers always want to work with the latest formula or ‘hot’ ingredient. Micellar Water is an example of this; it has been flying off the shelves. Last year, we won Product of the Year for our Micellar Water and we simply couldn’t keep it on the shelves. We then asked our consumers what else would they like to see within cleansing and we received answers such as ‘I love wipes, can’t you do anything with Micellar?’ ‘Don’t change a thing, it’s perfect,’ and ‘I just need more of it’. Taking the feedback from our consumers, we launched bigger bottles of Micellar Water and we very recently launched our Nivea Micellar Wipes which have won the Product of the Year for 2017 already!

If you look at smaller categories such as lip, then you will see different flavours being introduced and multiple new brands arriving to the category. Consumers wanted new news so we introduced Labello Neon which helped Labello to become the second biggest lip brand in Ireland, pipping Nivea Lip. *(Source: Winner Skin Care Category. Survey 11,637 people in UK & ROI by TNS)

Q: In terms of your RRPs, how do you ensure you reach the right balance between margin for retailers and an attractive price for consumers?

A: When you ask Irish consumers about Nivea or Nivea Men, you will hear about skincare experts, trust, a caring brand and being a good value for money brand. It is then about getting the balance right and again trust comes into play between us and the retailers to work together. Credit has to be given to the Irish retailers as they are great for building partnerships and know that as a brand we are constantly investing in our brand to help drive every category we are in forward. As the number one female, number one male brand and number one sun brand in Ireland, it is our job to keep developing these categories, talking to the Irish consumers and improving both penetration and frequency within all the categories that we play in.

Q: How significantly does Nivea as a brand invest in marketing?

A: To quote one of themost famous management consultants ever, Peter Drucker, “Business has only two functions — marketing and innovation”. Marketing is essential to Nivea – starting with extensive consumer research and insight all the way through our market segmentation to our marketing communications. Using an example to highlight this, we conducted hundreds of male focus groups across the globe and we kept being told that men wanted an all in one cream (We don’t want a cleanser-toner-eye make-up remover etc), something that does it all and comes in a nice solid container. We took this challenge away and developed the Nivea Men All in one All Purpose Tin. We then teamed up with Liverpool, Real Madrid, AC Milan and the FAI in Ireland to create a platform and engaging way of communicating this product to the consumer and it has been a fantastic success and picked up numerous awards.



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