GSK makes heavyweight Corsodyl investment as 80% shown to have gum disease

Corsodyl is continuing its heavyweight media investment throughout 2017 with its biggest ever media spend of €500,000, including a TV campaign

Corsodyl launches new Ultra Clean toothpaste variant designed for daily use, alongside a packaging redesign and biggest ever media spend of €500,000


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18 May 2017

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While most Irish adults believe their teeth and gums are healthy, research shows a huge 80% actually have some form of gum disease*.

Corsodyl, one of Ireland’s leading gum care brands from GSK*, is set to help pharmacists tackle the nation’s gum disease through an insight-led re-brand across its entire range. The brand is also launching a new, daily toothpaste, Corsodyl Ultra Clean, which will be supported with a heavyweight media investment throughout 2017.

Corsodyl Ultra Clean is designed for daily use, with a unique formulation

Corsodyl Ultra Clean is designed for daily use, with a unique formulation

New variant

This new toothpaste variant has a unique formulation with 67% sodium bicarbonate. Designed for daily use for individuals with, or susceptible to, gingivitis** Corsodyl Ultra Clean is clinically proven to reduce plaque and help stop and prevent bleeding gums***. With Corsodyl outperforming the toothpaste category,*  GSK is confident the new product will encourage shoppers to trade up to specialist oral care products as part of their daily regime to help stop and prevent bleeding gums.

Packaging redesign

Despite being aware of their oral health needs, research by GSK highlights that many shoppers aren’t actively addressing them.****  With research suggesting shoppers often find it difficult to differentiate between the various products and packaging in the oral health aisle, Corsodyl will be introducing a new pack design to attract shoppers’ attention at the fixture to help unlock growth in the gum care category.

The Corsodyl range will see its packaging change from its current colours to red. New visual cues will be introduced to help draw customers’ attention at the fixture and resonate with shoppers seeking to look after their gum health.

Media investment

Famous for its hard-hitting advertising creatives, Corsodyl will also continue its heavyweight media investment throughout 2017 with its biggest ever media spend of €500,000, including a TV campaign. The new advertising creative, which launched at the end of February, sees a woman spit blood whilst brushing her teeth before boarding a train. She is then taken on a journey which illustrates the gum disease ‘journey’ and the symptoms associated with gingivitis. The new advert highlights how Corsodyl toothpaste can help to stop these symptoms and ends with the strapline ‘Leave bleeding gums behind’.

Eilis Tobin, marketing manager, Oral Care at GSK said of its lastest innovation: “Many people are still ignoring the early signs of gum disease and as one of Ireland’s leading gum care brands,* it is our responsibility to help educate and encourage sufferers to take early action.

The brand reports it has also seen an increase in sales of gum care products across the oral care category in recent years.*

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