Government eyes new plastic bag tax

Non-plastic bags-for-life are one of the many keys to a sustainable future

A series of proposals are set to be brought before government aimed at discouraging consumers from using heavy plastic bags in supermarkets, instead opting for non-plastic bags-for-life on a more permanent basis.



6 November 2019 | 0

A new government levy on heavy duty plastic bags sold by supermarkets is to be proposed, in an effort to discourage consumers from using them in exchange for non-plastic bags-for-life.

Climate action minister Richard Bruton will table the proposals to government this week, the Irish Independent reports. As part of the proposals, the goverment’s existing plastic bag levy of 22c will be increased to 25c.

Since the levy was introduced in 2002, use of these plastic bags has dropped dramatically; however, repeat purchase of heavy duty bags has become commonplace. A new tax on these bags, currently priced around 70c, is the crux of the minister’s proposal, with a view to curbing reliance on these bags.


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