Georgian Wine comes to Dublin!

The Embassy of Georgia in Ireland is to host a special event promoting wines of Georgia and educating on the region in Dublin's Westbury Hotel, on April 10 next month.



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12 March 2019

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The Embassy of Georgia in Dublin in association with the Georgian Wine Agency will be holding its 2nd Georgian Wine event on Wednesday 10 April, 2019 in the Westbury Hotel (off) Grafton Street, Dublin 2  from 2pm – 5pm. This event is open to trade and press by invitation only.

A GeorgianWine Masterclass & Tutored Tasting will take place from 2pm-3pm, and will be presented by Giorgi Tevzadze*, advisor at the LEPL National Wine Agency and Aleksandre Gabunia*, Chief Specialist at the LEPL National Wine Agency.

Wine masterclass starts at 2pm to 3pm; free pour tasting 3pm to 5pm

Georgia has an 8,000 year old history of making wine.  Numerous archeological discoveries have left historians in no doubt that Georgia is the birthplace of wine.  What makes Georgian winemaking so unique is their centuries old winemaking technique, known as Quervi. Wine is fermented in clay vessels to create rich organic wines using the same methods used in the Neolithic era. This ancient Quervi winemaking technique is now listed as a UNESCO intangible heritage. Georgia has over 500 indigenous grape varieties in 10 wine making regions with a variety of climates and mesoclimates where wine is very much a part of Georgian life and culture.

Some of the wineries already signed up to take part in the 2019 Georgian Wine Fair include:

Alexsi Tsukilashvili, Director, ARMUNJI  LLC; Ketevan Zautashvili, Winemaker, ARMUNJI  LLC; Lika Dentoshvili, Marketing Director, Sesiashvili; Giorgi Mandzulashvili, Director, Marndzulas Marani; Gvantsa Tchigvaria, Marketing and Export Manager, Chrebalo Wine Cellar; Irakli Khakhutashvili, Director, Wine House Gremi

The 2019 Georgian Fair is being organised by the Embassy of Georgia in Dublin. For more information contact Natia Kalandia at the Embassy of Georgia: or the event organiser




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