FSAI: 67 food and food allergen alerts issued in 2016

Dr. Pamela Byrne, FSAI chief executive
Dr Pamela Byrne, chief executive, FSAI

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland has published its figures regarding food allergen and food alerts issued in 2016, with some interesting results.



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3 March 2017

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The Food Safety Authority of Ireland, which monitors food service and other sectors for any health threats to consumers, published its number and breakdown of food alerts and food allergen alerts issued in 2016.

In total, 39 food alerts and 28 food allergen alerts were issued, compared with 31 and 36 respectively in 2015.

Food alerts are notifications issued by the FSAI to food inspectors and food businesses relating to an identified hazard with the potential to cause an adverse health effect. Food allergen alerts are issued regarding the potential risk to consumers. The reasons for this may include the undeclared presence of an allergen or incorrect labelling of food.

In 2016, the FSAI dealt with 554 food incidents, with 67 food alerts and fod allergen alerts issued as a result.

39 individual food alerts were issued, which is the highest number in 10 years. These alerts resulted in either product recalls or withdrawals from the Irish market.

According to Dr Pamela Byrne, Chief Executive, FSAI consumers have the right to safe and accurately labelled food so they can make informed purchasing decisions.

“Issuing food alerts and food allergen alerts is a reflection of the seriousness of food incidents,” said Dr. Byrne, “some of which have the potential to cause serious harm to consumers. The increase in recent years of food allergen alerts and food alerts is indicative of the need for food businesses to not only ensure the food they place on the market is safe, but that it is also labelled correctly, especially in the case of allergens. We urge food businesses to take their responsibilities seriously, to have robust food safety management systems in place and to take full advantage of all the information and support provided to ensure they are meeting their food safety obligations.”

Consumers and businesses can register to receive these alerts automatically by registering free of charge at www.fsai.ie/subscribe.”



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