Food waste app Gander proves a soaring success

Blogger Denise Curran grabbing savings through the Gander app

Reduced-price food products have seen a 45% sales increase



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11 March 2020

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Gander, a world-first, award-winning app created to reduce food waste, has transformed the spending habits of Northern Ireland shoppers with a significant soar in downloads and increased sales of yellow stickered foods since its launch last August.

Gander integrates directly with a retailer’s POS which in turn enables retailers to automatically display all reduced-to-clear food on the shelves to shoppers in real-time. Gander does this automatically, which means that nothing changes in-store and no additional staff training is needed. The app gives the customer control over what reduced priced goodies they search for – whether it be by location, favourite store, reduction, food type or diet.

Since the launch of the app, reduced-price food products have seen a 45% sales increase. Stores on average sell between 85-100% of the reduced products shown on Gander. Yellow-stickered items have sold 40% faster since the introduction of the app.

Gander launched initially by integrating with Henderson Technologies’ award-winning EDGEPos system to display all yellow stickered produce from their stores in real time. It is live in 310 participating Spar, Eurospar, Vivo and Vivoxtra stores.

Since going live, it has attracted interest from additional retailers, many of whom will be rolling out with Gander in the next few months across UK and ROI.

Ashley Osborne, Gander co-founder said: “The traction and growth of Gander has been amazing. We had expected a decent level of interest, but never envisaged the degree of downloads – especially when only trialled in Northern Ireland initially. The level of positive buy-in demonstrated by customers and retailers alike has been phenomenal and testament that Gander’s proposition is a great fit for consumers out there.

“Customer feedback has been incredibly supportive,” Osborne added, “and the interest in high quality reduced food is impressive, now that they can actually see what is available whereas previously you would have to go to the store and hope to find something reduced. Plus, shoppers are feeling empowered thanks to Gander, aiding them to be more sustainable in their shopping choices. This supports the app’s endeavour to decrease and prevent food waste and create a more sustainable environment has also proved highly effective.

“All in all this has led to not only a substantial reduction in surplus and waste, but an increase in overall sales of reduced items, with up to an 800% return on investment for a retailer using Gander.”



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