Food on the Edge 2023 speakers announced

JP McMahon, founder-director of Food on the Edge

Returning for its eighth year, Food On The Edge officially launched the 2023 season last week in Glovers Alley, Dublin



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13 June 2023

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Food on the Edge is a two-day symposium that takes place annually in Ireland, will return for its eighth year on 16, 17 October.

Taking place in Airfield Estate, Dundrum in Dublin, the event is s for chefs & food enthusiasts all around the world who want to create a better global network.

Elena Reygadas, who was recently named World’s Best Female Chef by The World’s 50 Best Restaurant 2023 Awards, is the event’s headline speaker.

Reygadas divides her time between the kitchens of her five restaurants in Mexico City, ranging from the refined Rosetta to several casual concepts much loved by local diners, Lardo, Café Nin and Bella Aurora, as well as a bakery that has achieved the iconic status of its own, La Panadería de Rosetta.

Basing her menus on nature’s timelines, each week provides new produce to play with. Having studied at the French Culinary Institute in New York and then working for four years at one of London’s top restaurants, Reygadas knows how tough it is to succeed in the culinary world and now champions Mexican food with a noticeable Mediterranean influence.

Another newcomer to Food On The Edge this year, and equally as culinarily groundbreaking, is Fatmata Binta was born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone, to first-generation Sierra Leonean Fulanis of Guinean descent, Binta describes herself as a modern nomadic chef. She was recently awarded the Basque Culinary Prize for exploring West African cuisine’s diaspora through her innovative ‘Dine on a Mat’ experience and setting up the Fulani Kitchen Foundation for women and girls.

Returning to Food On The Edge is Andoni Luis Aduriz, recently awarded Icon Award 2023 by The World’s 50 Best Restaurant 2023 Awards, known to be a rebel in the kitchen due to his focus on culinary evolution and an interdisciplinary approach. His two Michelin-star restaurant Mugaritz closes for three months, January to March, every year to allow the team to research and develop a new menu from scratch while allowing a constantly evolving restaurant experience.

After twenty years of Mugartiz, Aduriz has decided to expand with a new venue focusing on a fusion of Mexican and Basque country cuisine, Topa Sukaderia opened in 2017 in San Sebastian with a more easy-going cuisine compared to Mugaritz.

Closer to home, couples in business and in life, who have based themselves in Ireland will talk about their journeys. Jordan Bailey and Majken Bech-Bailey and Shauna and Mark Froydenlund are couples who are forging new paths, each will tell their story of working together while navigating new horizons as a team.

The theme of this year’s event is ‘Storytelling’. This theme was born from the natural space Food On The Edge creates for chefs and producers to tell their stories.

“Storytelling is a social and cultural act whereby people or a nation talk to themselves about themselves,” said Jp McMahon, founder-director of Food on the Edge. “Stories preserve traditions and teach us about past generations. Food must have a story – though that doesn’t mean the story must replace the taste. The Irish people are historically masters when it comes to storytelling. Growing up, I didn’t particularly feel that we had a food story.

“We seemed to have stories about everything except food. We were giants of telling stories while drinking a feast of pints, but never a feast of food! Of course, this has changed, but we still have a way to go to cement the possibilities of the Irish food story into our cultural nexus.”



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