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So far, two night convoys have delivered 14 vessels to the brewery.
So far, two night convoys have delivered 14 vessels to the brewery.

This month and last, 27 new fermentation and maturation vessels are being transported from Dun Laoghaire harbour for installation at St James’s Gate.



14 March 2013

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So far, two night convoys have delivered 14 vessels to the brewery and two more night deliveries of 13 more brewing vessels, aided by a Garda Escort, will take place on 19th and 26th March. Two vessel convoys have already landed at the brewery to date and there are two more going there this month, leaving Dun Laoghaire harbour at 10pm and arriving at St James’s Gate at 3am.

The Guinness vessels will be able to brew 300,000 pints every two hours using 26 tonnes of malt and barley.

Construction for the project started early last Summer and the new brewhouse will start producing beer this June.

For the anoraks out there, the convoy route will follow: Dun Laoghaire Harbour, Queens Road, Marine Road, Crofton Road, Old Dunleary Road, Cumberland Street, Monkstown Crescent, Monkstown Road, Temple Hill, Frascati Road, Rock Road, Merrion Road, Pembroke Road, Northumberland Road, Mount Street Lower, Merrion Square north, Clare Street, Leinster Street South, Nassau Street, Westmoreland Street, Aston Quay into Wellington Quay, Essex Quay, Wood Quay, Merchant’s Quay, Usher’s Quay and Usher’s Island to the final destination of St James’s Gate at the Victoria Quay entrance to the brewery site.

For those of you who’d prefer to view the spectacle from the comfort of their computer screens, here’s the video: Brewing en route through Dublin.

For more information see our Drinks Industry Ireland report: Diageo Ireland takes charge of giant new brewing vessels



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