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Tesco receives criticism from rival Asda for launching first ever self-checkout-only store in UK



15 November 2009

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Tesco has opened its first ever self-checkout-only store in Northampton in the UK. The Tesco Express, which contains no manned checkout counters, has five self-scan tills and only a single member of staff to oversee the checkout area.

The move has been heavily criticised by competitors of Tesco in the UK, including Asda even though its parent Wal-Mart widely employs the concept in the US.

An Asda spokesperson is quoted as saying: "Hell would freeze over before we had a store with no customer interaction on the checkouts. You get to have a bit of a chat with some human interaction and that’s very important for a lot of people."

Although Tesco has never installed a self-checkout-only operation in any of its stores at home or abroad before, its US business Fresh & Easy has many shops without any manned tills. A spokesperson for Tesco said once shoppers use its ‘assisted shopping checkouts’ they will be "very loyal" to them.



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