Farmers blaming EU for milk price crash

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Pictured: The 48 Irish producers at a workshop in Lidl HQ in Tallaght, County Dublin (Photo by Andres Poveda)

Irish farmers protested against the EU at its Dublin headquarters last month, blaming the bloc for causing the fall in price


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16 April 2009

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Dairy farmers demonstrated at EU offices in Dublin last month in protest at the collapse in milk prices.

Farmers say the EU’s dairy policy has left them producing milk below the cost of production.

President of the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association Jackie Cahill said farmers are being left with no income, when they must also repay loans taken out to comply with EU nitrates regulations.

“The EU has so comprehensively mismanaged the Union’s dairy market that virtually all EU farmers are now producing milk at below-cost production. In Ireland, as prices slip back to 23 cents per litre, we now have a situation where the costs of production are 3 cent higher than the price farmers receive,” he said.

He called for action on the EU intervention system, export refunds and other measures to help provide a floor for milk prices and restore normal prices.



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