Facebook ranked second ‘most successful marketing channel’ for FMCG brands

Survey shows growing significance of digital in Irish FMCG marketing mix



22 May 2014

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Facebook came second only to TV advertising in a recent survey of marketing professionals in the Irish FMCG sector, asked to nominate their "most successful marketing channels in use".

55% of respondents mentioned the online social network as being among their most successful routes to market, topped only by TV, a favourite with 69% of those questioned.

The survey, carried out by Next Generation Recruitment, canvassed marketing personnel in 80 FMCG businesses. Other digital formats deemed most successful included websites, mentioned by 22% of respondents, Twitter at 19%, email on 14%, and blogging, deemed to be a most successful marketing channel by only 3%.

In other traditional media, point of sale was a popular preferred channel for 55% of marketing personnel, below-the-line (BTL) advertising for 33%, and outdoor advertising for 30% of those questioned. Sponsorship was most successful for 27% of respondents, while radio only figured for 22% of those questioned, and print media came in at just 19%.

Three-quarters of respondents to the Next Generation survey said they use a cross media mix of both digital and traditional marketing, although 75% also said that 25% or less of their marketing budget in 2014 would be allocated to digital; possibly a reflection of the lower costs associated with digital marketing, once the technology is in place.

Significantly, 36% of marketing professionals agreed that their organisation lacks the necessary digital expertise and skills to promote their brand, and 47% of respondents said that they outsource over 75% of their digital marketing strategy to a third party agency.



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