FSAI to host public consultation on vitamin D

Working Group for FSAI has developed a criteria for infant vitamin D supplements to ensure parents of a trusted source



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28 June 2017 | 0

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The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has announced it is holding an online public consultation of the criteria for 5µg (microgram) Vitamin D only supplements to be listed as suitable for infants in Ireland. With the national health policy in Ireland, parents and caregivers are advised to give infants (0-12 months) a 5µg vitamin D only supplement daily, regardless of whether or not an infant is being breastfed or formula fed, Vitamin D important for healthy bone development.

The FSAI has established a Working Group of experts in vitamin D infant nutrition, food law enforcement, and food supplement industry stakeholders. The group has developed criteria for listing food supplements suitable for providing 5µg vitamin D only to infants in Ireland. Food supplements must meet all the criteria laid out in the draft guidance note in order to be added to the list, and they may apply to the FSAI where it is assessed against the criteria. If the supplement meets the criteria, it is added to the FSAI website list, where it is available for everyone to access.

Dr. Pamela Byrne, CEO of FSAI, says: “We have undertaken this action to ensure parents and caregivers will have a trusted source to help inform them of the 5µg vitamin D only food supplements available on the Irish market for their infant.”

The consultation is being held from 28 June to 11 August 2017, and invites parents, caregivers, health professionals, food supplement manufacturers, and any other interested parties to take part.

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