EXCLUSIVE: Tesco Ireland chairman Tony Keohane steps down

Tesco Ireland chairman Tony Keohane has retired from his post

Tony Keohane, Chairman of Tesco Ireland and veteran of the retail industry has retired from his post after 37 years with the company.



14 July 2015

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Tesco Ireland confirmed to ShelfLife this afternoon that the company’s chairman has retired from his post. Tony Keohane, who had been with Tesco for 37 years, joined Quinnsworth as a management trainee in 1978 and was appointed to the Quinnsworth Board in 1995, before being made part of the Tesco board of directors in 1997.

Keohane was made CEO of Tesco in 2007, a post which he held until 2013. In a short statement, current Tesco CEO Andrew Yaxley said: “I would like to thank Tony for his contribution to Tesco over many years; he leaves a strong and lasting legacy and I wish him well.”

Tony Keohane is not the only board member to be moving on either. The company has also announced that commercial director John Paul O’Reilly has left the business and Adrian Lewis, Finance Director, will be stepping down from his post in late July, to be replaced by Duncan Annis.



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