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European Commission gives green to ingredient which Unilever claims can reduce the fat and calorie content of products by up to 50%


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12 June 2009

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Unilever’s new ice cream ingredient, Ice Structuring Protein (ISP), used for reducing fat and improving stability in ice cream, has been approved by the European Commission. Unilever made its ‘novel foods’ application in 2006 but has already been selling products containing the ingredient in other markets, including the US and Australia.

According to Unilever, ISP can reduce the fat and calorie content of products by up to 50%, while its ability to improve the stability of ice cream also allows for a higher fruit content, an improved taste, better structure and slower melting.

External affairs director Anne Heughan told US FoodNavigator: “ISP produces changes in the ice structure, and the smaller ice particles result in a more continuous, clean flavour, a creamy mouthfeel and all the volume you require in an ice cream.” Unilever also said it does not plan European roll-out until 2010 due to current market conditions.



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