EFSA rejects many health claims

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Yoghurt giants remain undeterred by the rejection of probiotics as EFSA did recognise some positive gut health associations


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13 October 2009

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The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which is processing a vast range of food health claims and publishing its opinions in batches, has rejected two thirds of the claims in the most recently published batch. Some very well-known claims for health enhancing properties in nutrients such as omega-3, beta-glucan, folate, probiotics and taurine have all returned negative opinions from EFSA’s panel of experts.

However, commentators have said that some of the hundreds of rejected submissions may be able to extract a favourable interpretation from the opinions given, as many also include a recognition of positive health associations. The Yoghurt and Live Fermented Milks Association, which represents some of the world’s biggest yoghurt companies, said it is not too worried about the rejection of probiotic health claims, as EFSA produced negative opinions on gut health benefits for only 10 out of 181 submissions. The group said it is now just a matter of resolving a few ‘technical’ obstacles.



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