Early delivery deadlines causing online retailers to lose thousands of Christmas sales

Sites that only offer economy deliveries using cheap delivery companies are losing out on thousands of eleventh hour orders, according to delivery expert



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18 December 2015

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Early internet delivery deadlines are losing e-commerce companies thousands of potential orders, according to international delivery expert ParcelHero.

Many small traders and even some major stores such as Liberty gave customers the deadline of 16 December as the last date to guarantee a delivery in time for Christmas Day.

However ParcelHero’s head of public relations, David Jinks, says these early deadlines are creating customer confusion and causing online stores to lose vital last minute sales.

“High street retailers are anticipating a hectic ‘Panic Monday’ on 21 December as last minute shoppers desert the internet and take time off work to complete their shopping,” says Jinks. “Yet there’s still plenty of time to order online on other sites. In fact, Amazon Prime Now customers can leave it as late as 9.45pm on Christmas Eve to order. Even Santa doesn’t accept lists that late!”

By comparison, Jinks says smaller e-commerce sites that only offer economy deliveries using cheap delivery companies will lose out.

More flexible delivery deadlines are particularly important, considering that according to retail intelligence specialist Footfall, after a disappointing Black Friday, when orders fell 4.5% year-on-year; shopping on Panic Monday, 21 December, looks set to rise by 2.5%.”

To help customers find out which major internet retailers are still accepting orders in the UK, ParcelHero has created an online tool at https://www.parcelhero.com/events/christmas-gifts-delivery.



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