€20m investment for Dun Laoghaire

Dun Laoghaire's historic ferry terminal is a landmark in the town
Dun Laoghaire's historic ferry terminal is a landmark in the town

The historic ferry terminal in the south Dublin port town of Dun Laoghaire is set to transform into a unique new hub for tech, marine and design businesses, according to ambitious new plans outlined by businessman Philip Gannon.



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3 November 2017 | 0

Dun Laoghaire’s Ferry Terminal, once a major travel hub into and out of Ireland, has been earmarked for transformation into the Harbour Innovation Campus, a 75,000sq ft innovation hub housing up to 1,000 members and generating jobs both in situ and in the historic town.

According to plans by businessman Philip Gannon, “visionary” behind the Harbour Innovation Campus, the landmark building will remain unchanged but internally it will be re-purposed to a state of the art innovation campus, and will be operational by mid-2018.

It is hoped that the new campus will attract a workforce from across Europe and the world, and breathe new life into the terminal and its surrounding environment. Estimates say the Harbour Innovation Campus will additionally bring with it a significant increase in local employment with new jobs in restaurants, shops, facilities, administration, bars and cafés.

“Dublin yearns for its own coastal innovation hub and this is it,” Gannon says of his plan. “Inside the Harbour Innovation Campus founders, innovators and entrepreneurs will find several VC funds, a wide range of trained mentors and numerous business advisors all focussed on helping occupants to grow their businesses.”

“This unique space presents a great opportunity to boost not only Dun Laoghaire and the surrounding areas,” he adds, “but the country as a whole.”

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