Dublin councillors cap off-licences until 2017

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Dublin City Council has voted to prevent the opening of new off-licences in the capital except where there’s evidence of a “compelling case” for such outlets in an area.



2 December 2010

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The development forms part of the new Dublin City Development Plan 2011-2017 finalised recently.

Under Policy RD9A, the Council is instructed “to prohihibit the further expansion of off-licences or part off-licences except in areas whee a compelling case can be made, any application for an off-licence should include a map of all the off-licences located within a 1Km radius of the proposed development”.

This means that all future applications to open a new off-licence will have to include a map of off-licences already in place within a radius of one kilometre of the proposed development as councillors believe that there are already sufficient off-licences serving most areas of the city for the term of the new development plan.



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