Dr. Oetker introduces Nutri-Score labelling

Within the Nutri-Score system, A is green to represent the best nutritional quality while E is dark orange to show it’s the lowest



14 April 2023

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Dr. Oetker Ireland has introduced Nutri-Score labelling this month, and it is now visible on the front of the brand’s Ristorante products. All other Dr. Oetker pizza ranges in Ireland will be progressively labelled with a Nutri-Score in the coming months.

Nutri-Score is an independent European Food labelling system applied to the front of packaging. The evaluation is based on a fixed scheme in which nutritionally favourable nutrients and ingredients (protein, fibre, fruits, vegetables, nuts) are weighed up against unfavourable nutrients (sodium, saturated fatty acids, sugar). It results in an overall score using a five-level colour scale: A is green to represent the best nutritional quality while E is dark orange to show it’s the lowest.

The company sees this as an important step to offer consumers the best possible transparency on the nutritional values and ingredients of its products, so they can make conscious purchase decisions. The health properties of existing products are continuously optimized; Dr. Oetker has been progressively working to reduce sugar and salt in its products and, where possible, improving the nutritional profiles, while also ensuring that the taste remains just as good as ever.

“We are very excited to be one of the first food brands in Ireland to launch packaging with the European Nutri-Score labelling system,” said marketing manager Eoin Mullen. “We believe this is an easy to follow labelling system allowing shoppers to quickly understand the product scoring and will help them make conscious decisions on what they put into their shopping basket.”

For more information, visit www.oetker.ie.



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