Doña Paula winery certified as sustainable business

Marcos Fernandez of Dona Paula, pictured at the estate's vast vineyard in Argentina
Marcos Fernandez of Dona Paula, pictured at the estate's vast vineyard in Argentina

Doña Paula, the Argentinean winery known for several popular varieties including Los Cardos, Paula, Estate and more, has been certified as a sustainable winery - one of only ten winemakers in the country to receive the accolade from the Argentinean Sustainabilty commission.


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16 April 2019 | 0

The Doña Paula Estate, which produces a range of popular wine varieties for the Irish market, has successfully passed the audit on the Bodegas de Argentina Sustainability Protocol in its 3.0 version, certifying as a sustainably-managed winery.

This protocol was established in 2011 by the Sustainability Commission of Bodegas de Argentina, together with a technical team of representatives of wineries from the country and private and public institutions such as the INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology), INV (National Vitiviniculture Institute) and the Agricultural Sciences Faculty of the Cuyo National University.

It responds to the need to have a standard of sustainable practices adequate to Argentina’s characteristics, aligning the industry in order to address the environmental, social and economic challenges that are specific to wine. To date, only 10 Argentinean wineries have been certified.

“This great achievement was possible thanks to the work we have been carrying out over the past three years in different areas of the company,” said Ana Paula Minatel, sustainability coordinator for Doña Paula. “This certification also represents a challenge that drives all the Doña Paula team to improve our social and environmental performance throughout the winemaking process, minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment and generating shared value with our workers, their families and the communities.”

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