Deliveroo sees ‘huge growth’ in on-demand grocery deliveries in Ireland

As well as its partnership with Aldi, a growing number of convenience and grocery outlets have partnered with Deliveroo in recent months



13 October 2020 | 0

During lockdown, Deliveroo launched new partnerships with convenience and grocery stores, delivering on-demand to doorsteps, while customers stayed safe at home.

Following the launch of these new partnerships, Deliveroo reports it “saw incredible demand in Ireland, with a 38% increase in the period from April-May”. Despite the initial lifting of lockdown, there has been continued use of this new offering for customers. Demand has grown steadily from June-September by 39%, indicating that Ireland has continued to embrace online on-demand grocery.

There has also been a rise in the number of on-demand convenience and grocery outlets partnering with Deliveroo in recent months. Dublin in particular saw 45 grocery retail outlets initially partner with the brand in April, with an increase to 60 by September.

Most notable is the launch of Aldi’s on-demand delivery service through Deliveroo. The service was initially available from two of Aldi’s Dublin stores in June, East Wall and Terenure, covering Dublin city centre as well as South Dublin.

The service has since expanded to three more counties, namely Cork, Galway and Meath, and nine stores in total following a strong customer response. Customers across Dublin city centre, South Dublin, West Dublin, Meath, Cork city and Galway city can now access essential items from Aldi on-demand to their doorstep.

“We are very pleased with customers’ response to our partnership with Deliveroo and delighted to have been able to expand our product range and geographical reach in such a short period of time,” said Niall O’Connor, Aldi group managing director.

“The significant increase in demand shows Deliveroo is a valuable service for many, including those who may be vulnerable or self-isolating at home,” he added. “This is an exciting new venture for Aldi, and provides customers with Aldi’s award-winning product range, delivered within 30 minutes.”

Most popular items

Since first launching on-demand partnerships with convenience stores in early 2020, Deliveroo has seen a wide variety of orders from drinks to Ireland’s beloved chicken fillet roll. According to the company’s data, the top five most popular on-demand grocery items ordered through the app to date have been:

  1. Cork’s Best Breakfast Roll, Herlihy’s (Cork)
  2. The Juice Company Smooth Orange Juice 1L, Aldi (Dublin, Galway, Cork)
  3. Clonbawn Fresh Milk 1L, Aldi (Dublin, Galway, Cork)
  4. Chicken Fillet Roll with 2 Salads and 1 Can of Coke, Mace (Dublin)
  5. Chicken Fillet Baguette, Spar Deli (Dublin)

While orders from customers in Limerick don’t make the top five, Deliveroo can reveal that their most popular grocery item is Limerick’s Best Chicken Fillet Roll from Mace Lunch & Deli, providing further proof of Ireland’s love affair with chicken fillet rolls.


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